ENAMEL WOOD AND METAL HIGH GLOSS, which contains a rust-preventive additive INDOOR AND OUTDOOR COLORALP

Alp Pinturas


High performance anticorrosive alkyd enamel with high performance and fast drying, great resistance to the outside and the outdoors. Contains ultraviolet filters, high color retention and brightness outdoors. With anti-mold preservative.

Some of its applications: Walls ceilings and Kitchens, Bathrooms, Stairs, furniture, carpentry, boats, railings, machinery, iron, etc.

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High performance anticorrosive alkyd enamel and fast drying, high resistance to outside and to the outdoors.

Main Properties

  • It contains special waxes that enhance the gliding effect by preventing dirt from sticking to the surface and stains penetrating the film. They also provide great resistance to friction.
  • Its anticorrosive properties allow a great resistance on the outside.
  • It contains ultraviolet filters that provide great resistance to the weather and great retention of brightness and color.
  • Contains anti-mold preservative.
  • Fast dry. Its formulation with new generation resins allows the quick drying time needed by the professional.
  • Easy application, good brochabilidad and leveling.
  • High gloss and decorative effect.

Recommended Uses

In interior and exterior on all types of metal surfaces, wood, plaster, cement.

  • Plaster: Ceiling walls and Kitchens, Bathrooms, Stairs, etc.
  • Wood: Carpentry of works, furniture, benches of garden, boats, etc.
  • Iron: Furniture, doors, bars, structures, agricultural machinery, etc.

Surface treatment

Surfaces should always be healthy, clean, dry, free of grease, dust, rust and other contaminants.

  • New surfaces: They must be prepared with the appropriate primer to the type of support used.
  • Surfaces already painted in poor condition: In addition to the above considerations, the surface must be free of poorly adhered paint. Sanitize defective areas and proceed as on a new surface.

Heat resistance: Recommended up to 90º C.

Theoretical yield: 14-16 m² / L (Approximate per layer).

Drying: 3-4 Hours. (Dark colors: 4-5 hours).

Repainting: Minimum at 16 hours.

Number of decapas: Two or more layers depending on the porosity and color of the support.

Tools: Brush / Roller / Pistol.


  • For brush or roller: Product ready to use. Dilute to a maximum of 5% with Solvent
  • For spray gun dilute up to a maximum of 15% with Synthetic Solvent until adequate viscosity.

Cleaning: Clean utensils with Solvent