HIGH GLOSSY WATER-BASED ANTIOXIDANT ENAMEL. Very easy application on any kind of surface TOLLENS



High glossy water-based high adhesion antioxidant enamel. Very easy application on any kind of surface. Great flexibility and elastic.  Suitable for any kind and shape of materials. Once applied, it makes a  film which protects the coated items from moist and external agents. Good obliteration. Good resistance to mar and washes. It adheres to wood

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Glossy antioxidant enamel. Formulated with new generation resins that allow the direct application on iron and oxide without previous primer, they also give it great flexibility and hardness to paint on wood and other surfaces with a great resistance to the weather, thanks also to its high level of brightness. Its good brochability and coverage allows you to achieve high quality finishes.

Main Properties

  • Antioxidant
  • Direct on iron and oxide.
  • Flexible on wood
  • Weatherproof
  • Shock and scratch resistant
  • Excellent brochability, leveling and coverage
  • High brightness
  • Without smell

Recovered Uses
Enamel to protect and beautify that interior and exterior surface such as doors, windows, railings, furniture, radiators, etc., of iron, wood and other materials used in construction.


Surfaces must always be clean, dry and free of grease, dust and rust. ACRYLIC ENAMEL HIGH BRIGHT ANTIOXIDANT Tollens has a great adhesion on wood, plaster, cement, iron, copper, steel, glass, PVC and galvanized. For quality finishes we recommend to prepare the surfaces as indicated below:

  • Unpainted surfaces:

    • Iron, rust, steel: Remove loose rust with a barbed brush and degrease. For good anti-corrosion protection we recommend the Tollens Antioxidant Primer.

    • Wood: For a lacquered effect, we recommend applying Tollens Sealer with foam roller and sanding smoothly between layers, eliminating the resulting dust.

    • Plaster, cement, plaster: Apply Tollens Fixer and smooth sanding between layers, eliminating the resulting dust.

    • PVC, galvanized, glass, aluminum, tiles: Apply Primer Maximum adhesion Tollens and smooth sanding between layers, eliminating the resulting dust.

    • Gypsum Board Plates: Apply Universal Primer or Tollens Sealer and smooth sanding between layers, eliminating the resulting dust.
  • Surfaces already painted with enamels or plastic paint:

If the paint is well adhered, wash and proceed with a light sanding, clean the resulting powder and apply Tollens enamel directly. If it is badly adhered, remove it and proceed as on unpainted surfaces.

Yield: 12-14 m² / Lt (approximate and according to stand).

(1-2 hours)
Repainting: From 6-8 hours

Application: Brush, enamel brush, thread roller, foam roller or gun (depending on the support and desired finish)

Number of layers: Two. Depending on the porosity of the support and for certain intense colors and according to the background color on which it is painted, it may be necessary to apply some additional layer.

On yellow or red colors, we recommend a white background.

Application tools: Brush, enamel brush, thread roller, foam roller or gun (depending on the support and desired finish).


  • Product ready for use.
  • For spray gun must be diluted maximum 15% with water to achieve the proper viscosity.

Cleaning: Water.



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