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  • (1 or 2 MASTER 9000  DECK WATERPROOFING FIBERED ELASTIC COATING BOATS ("Red or White" to choose from)
  • Double Tip No. 30
  • Acrylic Fiber Roller Nº18

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For roof waterproofing. Easy-to-apply. Reparation of cracked areas or where cracks are likely to appear. Suitable for surfaces to be walked on or with non-continuous traffic. Unsuitable for heavy traffic. It sticks to building materials and produces a waterproofing barrier. It contains anti-mould and anti-algae preservative. Resistant to alkalis, such as concrete.

Main Properties

  • Waterproof to rainwater.
  • Suitable for sporadic pedestrian traffic.
  • Reinforced with fibers.
  • Elastic, even at sudden changes in temperature.
  • Adaptability to all surface shapes.
  • Good adhesion on the usual surfaces of the construction.
  • Unalterable to the alkalis of the cement (unsaponifiable).
  • Easy application.
  • No tar, asphalt or plasticizers.
  • Resistant to weathering, UV and ozone.

Recommended Uses

Waterproofing of roofs of different nature: ceramic tiles, concrete, cement mortar, fiber cement, etc.
Renovation and protection of old asphaltic waterproofing, as well as metal roofing of galvanized sheet or of aluminum.

Number of layers: The best application requires 2 to 3 hands. The minimum thickness of the applied product should be 1.5 mm and the consumption greater than 2 L / m2.

Tools: Brush / Roller / Airless.

Dilution: With water when necessary.

Cleaning: Clean utensils with water. Immediately after use.

Surface treatment

It is necessary that the surface has a minimum slope to guarantee drainage and allow the free evacuation of water. The surface to be treated must be completely dry. Do not apply in the presence of fog, risk of rain or frost. It should not be applied in full sun or strong wind. It is necessary to examine the condition of the substrate, if it is necessary to fill cracks larger than 2mm, we recommend using fiberglass mesh resistant to alkalinity.

Depending on the state of the support and when it is considered necessary to match adsorptions, we recommend the application of a coat of TOLLENS WATER PRIMER, diluted to 25% in water, (1 part of TILES WATER PRIMER and 3 of water).

  • New surfaces must be free of dust, clean, dry and free of efflorescence.
  • Old surfaces, in addition to the above considerations should be removed the remains of poorly adhered paint.

Yield: 1 -1.5 m² / l per hand

Drying: 3 hours

Repainting: 24 hours



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