ELASTIC WATERPROOF COATING NON-DRIP to be applied in thick layer, on terraces, medians, etc. REVETON CUBIERTAS



Elastic waterproof coating to be applied in thick layer,on terraces,medians etc..Total waterproofing,high elasticity to withstand expansion. Waterproof to rainwater. Elastic, does not crack or break under the contractions and expansions of the support as a result of temperature changes. For bridging cracks and fissures.

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Waterproof elastic acrylic coating for all types of covers that has the DITE certification according to the European Technical Guide ETAG005


Waterproof cover coating treatment based on an aqueous dispersion of acrylic copolymers.

The Revetón Coverings waterproofing system complying with the basic requirements established in the CTE, has the DITE certification according to the European Technical Guide ETAG005 with an estimated life of up to 10 years


  • Reinforcement of roofs in its various materials: ceramic tiles, concrete, mortar, fiber cement, etc.
  • Renovation and protection of old asphaltic waterproofing, as well as metal roofing of galvanized sheet or of aluminum.
  • Waterproofing of new sloped roofs for which a membrane is formed "in situ" by means of non-woven TEXNÓN geotextile.
  • Waterproofing of decks or terraces with solos finishing prior to horizontal drainage.


  • Total waterproofing to rainwater.
  • Stepping when it has reticulated.
  • Easy application.
  • Adaptability to all surface shapes.
  • High elasticity at low temperature.
  • No tar, asphalt or plasticizers.
  • Resistance to U.V. (Test 500h; MELL1294 INCE).
  • Inorganic pigments completely stable to light.
  • Chemical resistance to the alkalinity of cement.
  • It absorbs the deck's own movements due to changes in temperature.
  • Approved by the Central Laboratory of Structures and Materials according to UNE 53.413 (File 43025).

How to use


The surface to be waterproofed must be solid, clean and free from poorly bonded materials. The slopes should be sufficient to allow the free evacuation of water. Prior to its application, it is necessary to restore all defective elements and to fill those areas in which water can be stagnant, which can be carried out with cement mortar. In the case of holes and cracks that do not move will be filled with the paste formed by the addition of fine and dry sand, to the REVETÓN CUBIERTAS.

Expansion joints and cracks greater than 1 mm. Exposed to movements are sealed with the MACDEPOX KC putty in floors and MASITEX P in walls. With MACDEPOX KC armed with geotextile TEXNÓN can also be restored old cracked or perforated asphalt waterproofing, vulcanizing at 12 hours whatever its thickness.

Although REVETÓN CUBIERTAS has good adhesion on most of the building materials, even slightly moist, as a general rule, it will be applied on dry support, after the extension of the REVETÓN PRINTING that in addition to sealing the support, especially if it is very porous, it increases the adhesion Of REVETÓN COVERS. It is essential on tile, and it is advised on galvanized. On asphaltic substrates it is recommended to use as primer REVETÓN COVERS diluted with water.

The performance of the REVETÓN COVERS is approx. 0.8-1 m2 / l in two layers. If it is armed with TEXNON 300 its yield is approximately 0.5 m2 / l. Obtaining a film of 1.5 mm.
The approximate yield of the product is: 1.5 l. M2

Tools: Brush, roller or airless spray

Cleaning: Abundant water before drying, otherwise the solvent will be necessary.

Drying time:

  • To the touch: 3 hours
  • Total: 24-48 hours



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