WATER PROTECTOR Satin Long Length XILODEX (Open Pore) for Exterior, Impregnating and Hydrophobic Wood



Open pore protector, impregnating and microporous, with UV filter. Fungicide protector. Waterproof. It resists the action of the sun by containing filter and microparticle pigments UV ray pickups. Repels the water, regulates the moisture of the wood.

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Open pore protector (non-film form) to water with acrylic microparticle resins that provide a great impregnation capacity. It resists the action of the sun by containing broad-spectrum UV filters and microparticle pigments. Repels the water, regulates the moisture of the wood. Easy to maintain when not having to sand. Contains anti-mold preservative for surface protection of the film.

Main Properties

  •     Impregnant. Microporous.
  •     Waterproof.
  •     Wide spectrum solar filter.
  •     Fungicide film protector.


Outside in any weather and conditions. Especially indicated in the protection and decoration of all types of wood elements, solid or plywood, old or new, used in carpentry to assemble as beams of trusses or workshop like doors, windows, frames, wooden houses, garden furniture, Fences, etc.


The wood must be free of dust, clean and dry (with less than 20% moisture). We recommend to previously apply Fondo Protector for an effective protection against insects and fungi. Do not apply on tropical or excessively resinous woods, since it can produce problems of drying.

Unpainted surfaces:

  •     New woods: Sand the wood in the direction of the grain with fine grit sandpaper and thoroughly clean.
  •     Maintenance treated woods with open pore: sanding gently, cleaning and applying.
  •     Varnished wood: Remove layers of old varnish until reaching the wood, stripping and / or sanding in the direction of the grain.
  •     Resin or tropical woods and rest of surface is, consult technical service.

Yield: 10-12 m² / Lt (approximate and according to support).

Drying: (according to color, applied thickness and ambient temperature)

  •     Total: 12-24 hours *
  •     Repainting: After 24 hours.

Number of layers: 2 layers

Application tools: Brush

Dilution: Product ready for use. Do not dilute

Cleaning: Water



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