ANTIOXIDANT WATER PRIMER FOR IRON AND STEEL anti-corrosion and quick-drying power TOLLENS



Antioxidant primer satin finish, very easy to apply and with excellent antioxidant power. High coverage, suitable for finishing with synthetic products, alkyd and water. Interior Exterior.

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Main Properties

  • Water base
  • Fast dry
  • High coverage
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for finishing with synthetic, alkyd and water products.
  • Indoor -Outdoor


Suitable for the preparation and protection of iron and steel, both workshop elements (industrial bodies, boilers, ironworks ...) and DIY (bars and fencing, railings, tools, doors and garden furniture)

Preparation of the support:

The surface to be painted should be dry and clean, with no rust, no old bad paint, no loose particles, dust, grease, oil, wax, grease and dirt.

  • Surfaces already painted or old, in good condition wash or brush beforehand to remove paint residue and to sand defective areas. In bad condition, remove the paint completely to later apply the primer Tollens.
  • Defective and cracked surfaces, in addition to the above considerations, must be filled and leveled with the most suitable product in the putty line. Allow to dry, level the surface with a sandpaper and remove the dust with a damp cloth.

Yield: 12-12 m2 / lt (approximate and according to support)

Total Drying: 3 hours

Repainting: at 4 o'clock; When applying synthetic enamel finish let the primer dry 24 hours.

Number of layers: 1 layer

Application tools: Brush, roller or airless spray

Dilution: Product to use, in the case of airless spray, it must be diluted with water to a suitable viscosity.

Cleaning: Water