PACK CHALK PAINT OFFER Painting Effect Chalk Blatem



CHALK PAINT PACK "TIZA EFFECT" is a comfortable and fun way to restore your furniture.


  • A boat of "Chalk Paint effect chalk" (YOU CAN CHOOSE FROM 13 COLORS)
  • A Pot of Wax Colorless or Dark Wax (depending on the desired finish)
  • Palletine No.27
  • Taco de Lija
  • 24MM Body Belt

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Water-based paint whose special formula allows a chalky effect finish on indoor furniture with a very easy sanding.


Water paint with very weak odor, very easy to apply and very easy to sand, allowing to obtain the high chalk effect decoration.


For decoration and interior work on any properly prepared surface (wood, plaster, cement, brick, stone, etc.) where this decorative finish is desired


Surfaces must be clean, dry and conveniently prepared before applying Blatem Chalk Paint.

If the surface is painted with tempera lime or remove it previously and if painted with quality paint, remove parts that are in poor condition.

The wax:

Wax to the water in liquid creamy form to obtain a handmade finish and of nice touch protecting the painting. We will use Dark Wax Blatem Chalk paint if we want an aged appearance.


Blatem Chalk Paint is applied to brush, roller or airbrush with low dilution: brush or roller 5-10%, spray gun 15-20% of drinking water. Since Blatem Chalk Paint is easily sanded, we can first apply a base color and then a second one with another color that contrasts with the one below.

Depending on the areas and intensities of the sanding, we will get the type of finish.

It is important that the paint is completely dry before sanding.

If we want a finish to the wax, we will apply on Blatem Chalk Paint by brush, cotton cloth or sponge, offering a handmade aspect.

To get an aged look we will apply our Dark Chalk Paint Finish Wax. To finish, we will polish with a cloth until obtaining the desired brightness.

If the painted surface is going to have a lot of use, apply a coat of Mate Paint Chalk Paint for extra protection. If the furniture is painted lacquered, it is recommended to be previously stripped or sealed with our White Synthetic Sealer prior to the application of the Chalk Paint System.

Appearance: Mate

Repainting: 4-6 hours.

Cover: Excellent.

Adherence: Excellent.

Yield: 8-11 m2 / lt and hand.

Drying: 30 to 60 minutes.

Utensils: Cleaning with water.

Storage: More than one year in original closed container.


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