Water-based antirust varnish with forged finish, for direct application on metals, without need for primer. High resistance to rust, humidity and water, as well as excellent adherence on different surfaces. While preventing the appearance of rust, they favour the creation of a protective coating on the metal, which neutralises the formation of iron oxide

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Antioxidant water enamel for fine extra fine forging that is applied directly on iron and oxide. With polyurethane and micaceous iron oxide pigments of high laminarity resistant to UV rays, it exerts a barrier effect against humidity and an excellent protection against oxidation and the weather.

Main Properties

  • High protection against corrosion
  • Excellent adhesion
  • No cracks
  • Containing polyurethane offers excellent resistance to bumps and scratches
  • For its elegant extra fine finish, it is soft to the touch and easy to clean
  • Its drying time allows the product to be worked without any touch-ups being noticed.


  • Certification Euroclasses of reaction to the fire in category B s1 d0
  • UNE 12944-6: 1999 Protection of steel structures against corrosion up to grade C3 Low (certificate available from 1/4/2016)
  • UNE 6272-1, 1520 and 1519: Impact resistance, flexibility and drawing


For doors, street lamps, bars, railings, furniture and any element of iron in exterior and interior.

Appearance: Pavonado with extra fine grain

Yield: 10 to 12 m² / Lt (approximate and as support).

Thickness recommended by hand: 30-40 microns dry. To guarantee a good result, a film of at least 100 microns dry is recommended.

Drying (by color, thickness applied and room temperature)

  • Total: 2 hours.
  • Repainting: 18-24 hours.

Number of layers: In metal previously painted and in good condition, apply 2 hands. If uncovered or rusty, apply three hands or apply one coat of Tollens Antioxidant Primer to the water plus two product hands. Cover corners and edges well. In areas of welds apply three coats. On metal subjected to extreme conditions, we recommend to apply the Tollens Antioxidant Primer to water

Application tools: Airbrush, roller or spray gun / air-less.


Surfaces must always be clean, dry and free of grease, dust and loose rust.

  • New iron and steel surfaces: Remove loose rust with wire brush and degreased.
  • Painted surfaces: If the paint is in good condition, wash and proceed to a light sanding. If it is not properly attached, remove paint with sandpaper and clean up the resulting powder. always remove loose rust with wire brush.
  • On galvanizing, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals: Sand until you tint and apply a coat of Tollens Maximum Adhesion to Water



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